Thursday, December 13, 2012

Salam dear beloved readers ! :) How are you? Fine? Alhamdulillah semua sihat aje ye.. hihi Lama jugak cik Ila tak memperbaharui blog yang terchenta ini. Dibiarkan sunyi sepi tanpa kabar berita setelah sekian lama tidak bersua muka (ada rhyme tak disitu? :P)  Ok peeps, for your info, my final projects, assignments, group discussion, everything has been cramped like sardines in my schedule and yeahhh... my FINAL EXAM is juuuust around the corner so tunite (past 12 dah ekceli) I just managed to find the courage to write something. FUHH!! that's all I can say about it.

I do have a lot of stories, also being postponed to let it out thru le blog of mine ni, they are actually waiting to explode like fireworks if I don't start writing.(of course I'm just exaggerating it a bit.haha) Well, for this entry, lets 'cekidaut' my activities starting from 1st of December 2012.

At ADM LT 3 for second last class of Halaqah, with my buddies. This class is actually compulsory for UIA students who do not want to join other cocuriculum uniform bodies such as SUKSIS, WATANIAH, BOY SCOUTS and many more. The purposes of this class are actually to build,understand and enhance the elements of fardhu ain and fardhu kifayah of our holy religion, Islam towards the betterment of ourselves. :) And yeah, that day our class's Naqibah (faci), Kak Zum brought us delightful Indonesian famous dishes including Bakso, keropok, and another one dish which i didnt know the name. huhu (forgot to ask!)

Take a glimpse of ze pictures y'allsss :D

Random snap. tee hee :D

Happy two friends, Nad (left) and Pqah.

BAKSO TIME !!! (the one with dark blue cloth pink head scarf  is Kak Zum :) )

Que up for taking turn. YEKE TU?? :P

TADAAAAA!!! sumpah sedap gilo.

Muka tak sabar nak jamah bakso. Dari kiri: Nad, Najwa, (xigt nama!),Pqah, Hanifah and Fera.

Kuah bakso panas-panas, aku punye yang ni. hihih

Bakso with spicy ketchup and meatballs topping ! NYUMMY !

Nad: Jangan jeles uollss.. dah dua mangkuk dah habis ni. hihih :P
tgh: Nad memang suka bakso..
Pqah: Ade aku kisah? tp kena cover muka sbb ila tgh snap. ngehngeh

nila dish yang me lupa tuuu.. sape tau nama makanan ni?

Dalam dia. sedap sesangat! 

ni Mirza a.k.a maija. (aku je yg panggil die maija) Syok menjamu selera yeee..

Dalam meatball.

Last but not least, tuan tanah pon nak jugak berposing. :P

So.. that's all I can share for this entry.. not much but at least tercapai jugak hasrat nak 'mengepost' ceghite-ceghite yg telah dipostponed.. Till we meet again in next entry !!!! :)

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